Actual Structure of a 3.5 billion year old EF-Tu Protein:

collaboration with Eric Ortlund


Research Interests

Our laboratory has diverse research interests including: Evolutionary synthetic biology, molecular biology, comparative genomics, computational biology, bioinformatics, biomedicine, molecular evolution and origins of life


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Contact Information

Primary Investigator: Eric Gaucher

Address: 310 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332

Phone: (404)-385-8584

Fax: (404)-894-0519

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Lab News

Congrats to Vanessa for receiving the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Outstanding Second Year Seminar Award.

Professor Gaucher is awarded the DuPont Young Professor Fellowship.

Gaucher Lab member featured in Explore: Life on Mars? A teaching module to engage girls and underserved audiences in the science of life in the universe.