Solved Structure of a 3.5 billion year old EF-Tu Protein:

collaboration with Eric Ortlund

Research Interests

Our laboratory has diverse research interests including: Evolutionary synthetic biology, molecular biology, comparative genomics, computational biology, bioinformatics, biomedicine, molecular evolution and origins of life


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Contact Information

Primary Investigator: Eric Gaucher

Address: 950 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332

Phone: (404)-385-8584

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Lab News

April 2016, Congrats to Lily Tran for receiving the Cherry L. Emerson Research Award. Lily receives $$ and her name will be displayed on a plaque in the Biology office.

Mar 2016, The group receives $1.7M from a NIH R01 grant.

Jan 2016, Prof. Gaucher receives the Nelson and Bennie Abell Professorship @GT.